Be Mine-A Playlist for the Valentine Impaired

Due to the success of my last few playlists and given the overwhelming urge to send people a lot of love on Valentine’s Day, I have created another playlist. These are some special gems that remind me of romantic love, friendship love, family love, love for some who are gone and every kind of love you can imagine. Fair warning: not every song has a literal meaning, but rather the focus is sentiment. For example, the Violent Femmes is a shout-out to my best friends from high school that reminds me of all of us crammed into someone’s mom’s car, doing donuts in the back gravel parking lot, waiving our arms out of the sun roof and screaming the lyrics. Ah, nostalgic love.

For anyone who gets bummed by this day or who did not get a card, consider this my Valentine to you - I’m glad you’re here.

Happy Galentine’s Day, enjoy the feels!

You can play each video below or find the playlist here on iTunes or Spotify.

  1. Lizzo - Cuz I Love You (*explicit lyrics warning)

  2. Jason Schwartzman and Coconut Records - West Coast

  3. St. Vincent - New York (*explicit lyrics warning)

  4. Elbow - One Day Like This

  5. Coldplay - Yellow

  6. O.M.D. - Talking Loud and Clear

  7. Ellie Goulding - Your Song

  8. Big Thief - Mary

  9. Brandi Carlile - The Story

  10. When In Rome - The Promise

  11. Concrete Blonde - Joey

  12. Tanita Takarum - Valentine Heart

  13. Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better

  14. Depeche Mode - The Bottom Line

  15. U2- Elevation

  16. Katy McAllister - Wonderwall

  17. Radiohead - Creep (*explicit lyrics warning)

  18. Joe Purdy - Suitcase

  19. Violent Femmes - Kiss Off

  20. The Beatles - Yesterday

  21. Erasure - A Little Respect