Better Birthdays, Babe

A Birthday Playlist for the Quarantined Trying to Have it All

Today is my birthday and I will be spending it alone, like so many already have this year. Rather than focusing on the fabulous plans I had, or the people I am missing so badly today, I decided to take a little politics time out, and do one of my signature playlists, as if nothing is jacked beyond belief.

I also share a birthday with Mother Theresa. Would she be balled up in the corner on the floor crying her eyes out and wiping her nose with her pajama top in these circumstances? No. She would be grateful for what she had, and then spend the afternoon maxing out her credit cards. In the immortal words of Gloria Gaynor, “I will survive,” and in the motivational spirit of Gloria Steinem, “You’re a big girl, throw more glitter on it.”

Here is the playlist I have been listening to all week, and will no doubt be listening to later on as I get tipsy from something pink, carry a cupcake everywhere I go and dance around my apartment by myself. My wish to be a real-life writer came true this year — so, who knows what will happen when I blow out these extra-fancy, cheer you up cause you’re so crushingly alone candles…

Don’t feel sad for me — it’s gonna be lit. 💗

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