Corona Queen

A feverish playlist for those who are recovering from anything.

If you know me but at all, then you know I make a playlist for every major and minor event in my life (listen here in iTunes or Spotify). So, of course I made one for coming down with the coronavirus. At times I was so agitated and sick that I just wanted to listen to something to take me to another place, with some old favorites sprinkled in for comfort. Fair warning: you will never escape my Emo tendencies on one of my playlists.

I’m much better now, but I’m finding that I still really enjoy this collection, so I decided to post it for you guys. I think it could be a nice break from the isolating monotony and might give you a fun distraction today. So have a listen and enjoy and wash your hands and be well.



p.s. You can watch the video version of each song in a row below or you can listen here in iTunes or Spotify. Please consider a subscription to SHERO now if you haven’t already.

1. Dua Lupa - Break My Heart

2. To Die For - Sam Smith

3. Florence & the Machine - Shake It Out

4. Talos - In Time

5. Coldplay - Us Against the World

6. The Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky

7. SHAED - Trampoline

8. Carlie Hanson - Side Effects

9. The 1975 - Paris

10. Billie Eilish - No Time to Die

11. Ben Lee - No Room To Bleed

12. Peter Gabriel - San Jacinto

13. Depeche Mode - Home

14. Christopher Cross - Ride Like the Wind

15. Mumford and Sons - Ghosts That We Knew

16. Styx - Come Sail Away

17. U2 - MLK

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