"Hang in There, Baby"

Dear SHERO readers,

I have some great news…my Twitter is back up and running! I know it might seem small in comparison to what many of us are currently struggling with, but it felt like an insurmountable slug up a mountain with direction signs along the trail that keep contradicting each other and ultimately endanger your life.

This post will serve as a quick check in to let you know that in honor of my mother’s first visit in nearly two years for the holiday weekend — shoutout to Pfizer — I will be taking a couple of days off to rest and celebrate. I will post a playlist that I have been working on in a few days, but there will be no Sunday Recap this week.

The full SHERO publishing schedule will return next week — in the meantime, I would love to check in with each of you and see how everyone is doing. It feels like a time of great change for everyone, and many of us are going through some very tough times, so I just want to remind you to just keep swimming for a while longer. Take the necessary breaks you need as you need them and set an even pace if you can — this is still a very trying time.

Let me know how you’re doing in the comments and check-in with the posts of others. Please consider giving another SHERO community member a few words of support also — you never know how much a kind word from a stranger can lift someone’s spirits. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and those who do the mothering. You are invaluable and make the world a better place for us all.

Take care of yourself and remember that kindness is magic — see you soon. 💋