Hope for my Twitter Account

Good morning out there! It feels like everyone is really struggling this week in the fallout of Boulder, waiting for this pandemic to finally be over and so many other things that make it feel like trudging through hot tar. Here is a quick update on the status of my Twitter account, that will hopefully be back up in a few days.

I filed a formal objection to the copyright violation claim. My attorney, who is fantastic, informed me that it is necessary to contest this claim in order to have the “strike” removed from my twitter account, which is pivotal to having the account restored. Unfortunately, this also opens me up to a possible law suit from the person who owns the copyright claim. Once I have filed the objection (which I have), the person making the claim has 10 days to prove they have initiated a lawsuit against me for the violation. If the claimant does not sue, the strike should theoretically be removed and the account restored.

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Risk getting sued, or save my @girlsreallyrule Twitter account that feels like my right arm — these are the options. It’s fun in theory to think of yelling out “so, sue me,” as a response at some point in one’s life — but, the reality is not that lighthearted. Of course I don’t want anyone to sue me in my lifetime, but I refuse to back down to forces that I feel are trying to silence me.

Being on the other end of the legal spectrum in this situation is not at all comfortable. I am used to helping others through their legal troubles and have no lack of confidence or optimism for them. It has been good to be reminded of what clients experience when they need legal help. I know this suspension is not as personal as it feels — I am trying to keep the thoughts of paranoia at bay— but I have angered a lot of people, and I can’t stop thinking about how happy my haters must be right now.

I have experienced an odd few weeks with my account being held hostage. It feels like I have lost my voice in a strange way, or at the very least, it has been harder to find my pace and my usual tenor. It has caused me to feel much more vulnerable, and this is never a good place when you are trying to speak with power and confidence. I can still do it, but it is a very raw and painful process, rather than an empowering one.

Just like with the side effects from this first Moderna shot, I am ready for this whole drama to evaporate like a bad dream, complete with dispersing smoke and some music that reflects resolve. I also know that I can withstand some roadblocks, and that erasing my account for a minute doesn’t erase me — my Twitter account is me, I am not my Twitter account.

Something else helped to lift my mood this morning: Musicbox’s Twitter account, one of the first larger accounts that had been taken down over claims much like the one made against me, is back up today. This is very good news. (I will also now admit to you that I have been fantasizing since my account got paralyzed about what gif I would use to announce my comeback — feel free to make suggestions here in the comments.)

Here is a Billboard article on the recent Twitter activity regarding music copyright claims and the subsequent fallout for our accounts. I also spoke with The Daily Edge here on Substack about a few of the things I had learned, and how you can protect your account, so be sure to review that interview.

It is concerning that the reaction to mass suspensions of large accounts has caused a chilling effect across all social media — no one really knows what parameters Twitter is using at any given time, and no one is completely clear on how to protect their account. I am sticking my toe in the water with this post, and once I am completely restored on social media, I will consider going into much more detail.

Picture this image, except with a room full of women, partying with abandon, and me jumping out of the cake for my own enjoyment. I cannot stress enough that most of the images with “women” and “cake” are all sexualized as if they are selling it to men and not women. Maybe you don’t need to sell pink cake to a lady…(Photo via Getty Images)

For now, I am on a countdown clock for the next nine days and looking forward to my Twitter account being up and running again. It feels like I’m waiting for Christmas, the day I got my driver’s license and the day I passed the bar all at once. I’m so amped up on percolating girl power that I want to imagine jumping out of a cake in a fabulous gown that is not ruined by pink frosting…then eating that cake.

I’ve just put a lot of pressure on my comeback gif now.

Disclaimer: this post is not intended as legal advice or any action you should take regarding your social media account, but you should totally have cake today.

Amee Vanderpool writes the SHERO Newsletter and is an attorney, published author, contributor to newspapers and magazines and analyst for BBC radio. She can be reached at avanderpool@gmail.com or follow her on Twitter @girlsreallyrule.


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