Let's Be Done with Mueller for Now

Every time new information from or about Robert Mueller comes out, we scramble to assess what it means, what was said and if it gives us more hope of finally holding Trump accountable for...something. As a legal professional, I’ve been telling everyone that Mueller was not going to be the heroic figure they’d concocted to give them some sense of hope, and trust me it has not been a popular view. It’s been pretty well established for a while that the indictment of a sitting president was not an option for many established legal scholars and practitioners. It was also pretty obvious that no one, particularly someone as conservative as Mueller, was going to want to guinea pig this law with Trump for the first time. So Mueller’s conclusion, that he could not assess whether Trump could be indicted because the law did not support indicting a sitting president, was frustrating but predictable. But what wasn’t foreseeable was all of the evidence Mueller would provide against Trump in his report that would satisfy an indictment.

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