Should Biden Be Pushed on Tara Reade?

A former Senate staffer for Joe Biden named Tara Reade has made claims for a while now that she was sexually assaulted by Biden in 1993. Biden has said, “I’m saying unequivocally it never happened.” Several reputable publications have spent time investigating the allegations, which are now being refueled by new evidence from Reade’s former neighbor, who has confirmed Reade told her about the incident around the time it allegedly occurred. The Washington Post has an excellent timeline of the alleged assault and allegation that you can read here.

This morning, Mika Brzezenski interviewed Joe Biden on MSNBC (clip below) and did not go lightly on him. I thought the interview actually helped him and it was smart for him to answer some hard hitting questions on the subject. Obviously the Trump Campaign, as well as other interested parties seeking to interfere in the election are looking to keep this topic going, but does that mean the allegations should not be investigated further?

In the midst of what could likely be the most important presidential election in our lifetimes, should we continue to look into the claims being brought against Biden? If not, why should we be willing to dismiss the claims? This is an issue that Trump will be harping on over and over while he fully leans into the hypocrisy of it all, so isn’t it better to vet fully and get it out of the way now? If not, why? Don’t we have an obligation to investigate all claims of assault properly and thoroughly, no matter who is involved? What do you think we should do with really complicated allegations at such a pivotal time when so many vested interests are at play?

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