I think that Trump and tens it whatever his name is West are finding out that they who live by the sword die by the sword. And I am so happy that there is trouble in paradise.

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I wish the media would stop sensationalizing every little move Trump makes and point out the obvious - how is it that a black rapper with bipolar disorder, a Hispanic attention seeker and a Manhattan millionaire are now the face of white grievance and white supremacy. Only in America.

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Trump has demonstrated a pattern of this type of "headline behavior" throughout his adult life and Presidency, regardless of the consequences to others, and more broadly the United States and our Constitution. When he is thoroughly humiliated he tries to change the headline and/or cover it up, to make the humiliation disappear. This is the reason he ordered the assassination of General Qassim Suleimani, Iran's second most powerful official, after Trump was impeached the first time:


Trump was fully aware his decision could lead to a military conflict with Iran, or at a bare minimum some form of retaliation by Iran that could result in the killing of hundreds, if not thousands of U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and throughout the Middle East. Previously, Iran had demonstrated the pinpoint accuracy of their missiles in attacking Saudi Oil Production. American troops in the area didn't have the protection of Patriot anti-missile protection, but Troop gave the order anyway. He needed to change the headline and stop the humiliation of being impeached. He even thought he could be seen as a hero, after his order. All that counted was Trump and his ego, not American Policy or Law, or any of the very grave consequences to our troops:


As it turned out 109 American soldiers were injured with traumatic brain injuries, which again Trump lied about, by firstly telling us there were no injuries, When the injuries were assessed they weren't fully reported, and when the tally started climbing Trump acknowledged that some soldiers received "headaches." In order to bury news of the harm he caused due to his recklessness, he withheld the honors the injured soldiers had earned. The only reason death and injuries weren't greater was Iran notified Iraqi officials before the attack who then alerted the American troops, who escaped the brunt of the danger. IMO, Putin may have negotiated the telegraphed punch.


Needless to say, Trump wasn't going to suffer the humiliation of losing the 2020 Presidential election quietly. The voters who put Trump in office in the first place, as well as the R Party, should really think about what they did and fully reflect and atone for their lax responsibility.

Which brings us to the dinner at Mar-a-Lago on the same day the SCOTUS informed the world that Trump's tax returns, which he has lied about and secreted his entire life, would be turned over to the Dems. Trump, now a perpetual loser, and betrayed by the Republican SCOTUS majority would now suffer further public humiliation and loss. He took the first and only chance he could get to change the headline. It shouldn't surprise anyone that he probably set the whole thing up, including requesting that Ye bring his friend, and without regard of the consequences to his Party or the Nation.

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Hmm, I think most of us “non-crazies” have put TFG in our rear view mirrors, save maybe the media toadies and CB chodes of a feather!

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As usual, trump is milking the media. Sensationalism is the soup of the day for that pig. He will continue to be top of the fold and first on the air until he is nominated and then it will get worse.

As for his dinner guests, I would propose he asked the idiot ye to invite the nazi to dinner. The bust up over who who should be prez or vp is just another example of egos taking over at the dinner table.

The only reason trump should have his name above the fold is if the headline reads TRUMP ARRESTED! Otherwise, put his crap on the obituary page.

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1) No one ever meets with a current or former President without the Secret Service vetting them and approving the meeting, and said (ex) President knowing with whom he is/was meeting. I have zero doubt that Trump knew exactly with whom he was meeting.

2) Trump's VP candidate is going to be either MTG or Kari Lake, I predict.

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Correction: ADL is the anti defamation league

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