What Coronachanges Have You Made?

The president has openly said he is not interested in testing people exposed to coronavirus like experts have said we should, and that he “likes the numbers where they are.” The Trump administration has also failed to test the 75,000 people they promised to test by the end of last week — only 6,563 have been tested so far. For the most part, governors in blue states have taken the lead on establishing protocols that include out of pocket cost waivers, testing sites and back-up sick pay. It looks like the states are pretty much on their own here.

These federal failures and the slow response to keep us from careening toward a fate similar to that of Italy (which is now on complete lockdown) are in full view. Many Republicans have hypocritically continued to deny the gravity of the situation (e.g. Ted Cruz has self-quarantined after the CPAC conference). Some colleges and universities will be completely closed by the end of the week, while many parents continue to wonder why school is not suspended everywhere.

Given that the number of coronavirus cases in the United States is expected to explode in the next few weeks, what have you done to change your routine or habits in light of the approaching Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic? Are you still going about your schedule regularly and attending all of your normal events like work, school, church and other appointments? Have you decided to cancel things and stay home more? Have you stocked up on more food and supplies than usual? Are you pretty much doing the same things and simply taking the advice to stop touching your face, not shake hands and wash you hands more?

Do you think the threat is being exaggerated by the media as the Trump administration and other prominent Republicans have suggested, or have you already started taking precautions? What have you changed in your life in light of coronavirus? Give me all the details you feel comfortable talking about.