What COVID-19 Feels Like

(Trump giving details about the novel coronavirus from the Press Room podium in the White House.)

I’ve been taking my temperature daily. If you must know, it’s been much more than daily — more like 2-4 times daily depending on the level of anxious nonsense going on in my head and so far, so good. I have had a slight temperature, but it seems that all of the CDC info on the novel coronavirus indicates that there are much higher temperatures involved. I also have a dry cough and some lung tightening, but I’ve just gone off an asthma inhaler that has all of those same side effects for someone discontinuing it. It’s been playing with my head, for sure.

Have any of you been tested and have a positive test? Are you experiencing symptoms and suspect you have COVID-19, but you are just riding it out? Do you feel like you’ve had the virus and already recovered from it? For any of you who think they are sick, what has your experience been like so far? I’m really curious about any first hand experiences you may have with this virus so far, and any details you feel comfortable sharing on your COVID-19 experience would be welcome.

REMINDER AND DISCLAIMER: None of the comments here represent any medical advice that you should rely on to care for yourself. If you think you are sick with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) you should contact your doctor immediately for instructions. You should always read and follow the guidelines issued but the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and those can be found here.