Public Impeachment Hearings Start Today!

New Transcripts Reveal Trump's Quid Pro Quo Nearly Cost Ukraine $100 Million

Trump Retaliates Against Col. Vindman on Veteran's Day

What Had Happened Was...

Schiff Releases Hill and Vindman Transcripts

Sondland Changes Testimony to Avoid Perjury

Yovanovitch Ouster Pushed By Mobsters and Fox News

What Had Happened Was...

Republicans Prepared to Admit Quid Pro Quo in Strategy Shift

Vindman Links White House Lawyer to Secret Server

House Will Vote on Impeachment Thursday

What Had Happened Was...(Oct. 21st - 27th)

White House Advisor to Confirm Trump's Quid Pro Quo

Taylor Gives Bombshell Confirmation of Quid Pro Quo

Trump's Ego Takes a Hit, Lies Ensue

What Had Happened Was...(Oct. 14th-20th, 2019)

Pelosi Owns Trump...Again.

Impeachment Testimony Cheat Sheet

What Had Happened Was...(Oct. 7th-13th, 2019)

Don't Follow the Money, Follow the Lawyers


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